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Inclement Weather Guidance

Cary Park Sea Dragons Inclement Weather Guidance

Purpose: Cary Park Sea Dragons (CPSD) is a fun, competitive summer swim team which prioritizes swimmer and family safety. These guidelines comply with the Tarheel Swimming Association (TSA) rulebook and provide supplementary direction for inclement weather decision-making for CPSD TSA Representatives, Coaches, and Board Members.


  • Inclement weather includes but is not limited to storm, heat, and air quality warnings. The National Weather Service warnings will be used for weather decision-making purposes (https://www.weather.gov/).

TSA Rulebook and Weather Rules:

  • Meets shall be held as scheduled. Failure to do so shall result in forfeiture by the team unable to fulfill its obligation to complete an official meet. The final score of a forfeiture shall be announced and posted as 1-0.
  • The inclement weather date will be the next day that is not a legal holiday, starting at 6:00 p.m.
  • The start of a meet may not be delayed by more than 30 minutes for reasons other than inclement weather.
  • It is the pool manager's responsibility to determine if the pool should be closed due to inclement weather. If the pool can be opened safely, the meet will be swum. Meets may be held in the rain, but not when there is thunder or lightning. Unless the host pool has a written policy that is more stringent, swimmers will not be allowed in the water for a minimum of 30 minutes after the last flash of lightning or clap of thunder.
  • Meet status is the responsibility of the TSA representatives. Pool managers must not communicate the status of a meet without instruction from the TSA representatives.
  • A meet may not be delayed or interrupted for more than 60 minutes due to inclement weather. If the meet is interrupted more than once during an evening because of inclement weather, the meet will be stopped.
  • If a meet is stopped due to the weather, it will be declared over, if on the originally scheduled evening, all breaststroke events have been completed, or if on the inclement weather day, all backstroke events have been completed (unless both TSA representatives agree to the contrary prior to the start of the meet).
  • These standards must be followed unless both TSA representatives mutually and equally agree either to extend the weather postponement or to amend the inclement weather date and time.
  • The complete TSA Rulebook is posted to the TSA Swimtopia Website: Click Here.

CPSD Guidance for TSA Reps, Coaches, and BOD:

  • All TSA rules will be complied with for practices and meets (unless modifications are agreed upon by both teams’ TSA representatives). This guidance provides additional clarification for CPSD TSA Representatives, Coaches, and Board Members with regards to inclement weather and practice/meet status.
  • CPSD Practice Guidance:
    • CPSD swim team will hold practices if the Cary Park Swim Club pool is open. If the pool is open during rain or high/low temperatures, practice will be held, with possible modifications at the head coach's discretion.
    • CPSD swim team will adhere to the Cary Park Swim Club pool rules regarding weather. Swim team members are to adhere to all directions given by pool staff and guards when told to exit the pool and deck area in the event of inclement weather.
    • CPSD members should make personal family decisions regarding practice attendance based on weather warnings; swimmers will not be penalized for missed practices.
    • All CPSD members are encouraged to prepare for outdoor summer practices with adequate hydration, nutrition, and sunscreen.
    • At the beginning of the season with cooler water temperatures, swimmers should come prepared with dry towels and warm clothing for after swimming. Wet suits are permitted in practices only (not meets).
  • CPSD Meet Guidance:
    • Both TSA teams should consider swimmer and family safety above competition at all times.
    • CPSD and opposing team TSA representatives will discuss meet procedures prior to a swim meet, including inclement weather contingency planning. Both teams’ TSA reps should discuss how to address different weather scenarios and should monitor weather conditions preceding the meet.
    • If the home team’s pool manager opens the competition pool but there remains an undue safety risk to swimmers and family members, both teams’ TSA representatives should discuss meet modifications. If safety concerns exist despite attempts for meet modifications by TSA reps, CPSD TSA reps can forfeit a swim meet in order to avoid unnecessary risk to CPSD swimmers and family members.

Team Communication:

  • Practice and meet delays and cancellations will be communicated in real time to CPSD members via the Swimtopia Mobile App.
  • Meet delays and cancellations will be communicated to opposing team by their respective TSA representatives.  

Approved by CPSD Board of Directors 5.5.2024

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