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Volunteer Job Descriptions

*Please note that a higher number of points is usually because it is an entire meet job or one that requires training or is more intense. These points are subject to change at any time. 

*Parent volunteers must check into their position no later than 5:30pm on meet day for Tuesday meets, and 7:30am for Saturday meets. For some roles your start time will be earlier, please pay attention to the time slot provided at job signup. This ensures that all volunteers are in their position prior to meet start at 6pm/8am.

*For jobs involving shifts, the time frames provided at signup are approximate.
Shift 1 will end after the Backstroke event.
The Announcer will call for Shift 2 approximately 15 minutes prior to Backstroke completion.
Shift 2 begins with breaststroke events, and will end with the meet.
Please plan accordingly.


All volunteers should know how to read a heat sheet before your first meet. If you are a Dragon Tamer, Kid Pusher, or Lineup Coordinator, you are required to read instructions on how to line up swimmers before you report.

Announcer(4 pts): Keeps the announcements of score, events, and updates for the home meets in order and able to be understood for the families and swimmers. Needs to have some understanding of how a swim meet is run and not shy to speak on a microphone. This job requires the volunteer to arrive at the home meets around 4pm and stay until the conclusion.

Breakdown(2pts): For home meets, the deck is restored back to normal pool set up. Take down and store chairs, tables, tents, etc. Puts lounge chairs back around the deck. Meet boxes cleaned up and placed back in the swim team closet. Help get the tent and boxes to the transporters car. (Breakdown for away meet details and Breakdown for home meet details, for home meets please also see Equipment finder list and Pool deck diagrams)

Breakdown Transport (2pts): For away meets only. This volunteer works with the breakdown crew to take down tents and volunteer supplies. An SUV/truck that can carry 3 supply boxes and 6-8 pop-up tents is a must. All can be taken back home for the night and returned and put away at Cary Park Pool the next morning. Arrangements need to be made with the Meet Director to complete this job.

Clerk of Course (3pts/shift): Lead swimmers to proper starting blocks for their events and get event slips to the recorder. Responsible for double-checking that the correct children, as indicated by the event slips, are in the proper lanes. This job is for experienced people in this position. It requires meet knowledge, patience, and organization along with good communication with the TSA Rep, Meet Director, and other team. This position requires training at the beginning of the season and is divided into 2 shifts. Must commit to 3-4 meets.

Concession Manager (4pts): This person should be trained prior to the home events to run the concession stand. They are to help set up (tables for food and snack table, water and Gatorade coolers with ice) and clean up the area along with managing proper amounts of food and drink(especially reordering of pizza and chick-fil-a) This job requires you to arrive at home meets at 4pm and stay through the conclusion of concessions (about 9pm). It also requires a commitment to all 3 home meets.

Concessions (3pts): Sets up and then works at the concessions table. Need to be able to handle money and taking orders. Easy to step away to watch your kids swim. There are 2 shifts (4-8pm and 6p-10p)

Concessions - Snack Table (3pts): Sells candy and snacks at a separate table from hot food items. Easy to watch kids swim! (4:30-9p)

Dragon Tamer (2 pts): Manage the swimmers under the tent. Take them to the bathroom as needed. Keep a head count of kids under the tent and have them ready to swim. Line swimmers up for races and has them ready when the Kid Pusher arrives to move them to the Clerk of Course. Make sure the area stays clean and picked up. Have kids pick up trash and personal items prior to leaving. This job is for the entire time there are children under the tent. 6 and under's leave earlier than the older children and thus receive less points. Read instructions on how to line up swimmers before you report.

Head timer (4pts): This is a full meet job. Home meets only! You must be comfortable timing as you need coordinate the timers during our judges/timers meeting to get them assigned to lanes and ensure they know how to use our dolphin timers. You will act as a relief timer and keep an extra watch going if there is a malfunction from one of the lane timers. Work with the Meet Director at the conclusion of the meet to get all the timing sheets.

Heat Winner Ribbon Distributor (3pts): Stand at the finish end of the pool to hand out this ribbon to the winner of each heat. Fun to see the kids smiling faces!!

Kid pusher (3pts): Gather the male/female (depending on which one you signed up for) swimmers from the Dragon Tamers to be brought to the clerk of course when the event is first called by the announcer. Once gathered, bring the swimmers, in event order, to the benches in their lane positions. This person needs to be able to get the attention of the swimmers and keep organized. This job is divided into 2 shifts per meet.

Parking(1pt): Put up the NO PARKING signs on Cary Glen & around the circle. The other sign should be put up at the loading circle to ensure no one is parking there. Make sure everyone is parking legally. Walk to areas and direct traffic/parking as needed. Make sure children are crossing safely at the circle

Participant Ribbon Distributor (3pts): Provide a "Participant" ribbon to each swimmer who does not win their heat and who are not in the "Main Event". Front row seat to see those happy faces!

Place Judge - 1st Place (3pts): Work during Heat One Event heats & observe which lane came in 1st place. Must have a strong sense of the meet and be able to stand up for our team if there is a disagreement on first place. You will also be responsible for timing the first place swimmer. Front row seat to cheer your kids on!

Place Judge - 3rd Place (3pts): Work during Heat One Event heats & observe which lane came in 3rd place by holding up the lane number. Must be paying attention for accuracy of score. Front row seat to cheer your kids on!

Place Judge - 5th Place (3pts): Work during Heat One Event heats & observe which lane came in 5th place by holding up the lane number. Must be paying attention for accuracy of the score. Front row seat to cheer your kids on!

Place Judge – 2nd, 4th, and 6th (3pts):Same as above, but at the away meets

Recorder (3pts): Complete event sheets by recording the order of finish & times according to the place judges. Follow TSA rules and regulations that will be listed on your clipboard.

Ribbon Writer (2pts): Work at the awards table to write names and events on correct ribbons and place them in the family folders. There are 2 shifts.

Ribbon Sorter (6pts): This is a job done at home, prior to the start of the season to organize/arrange ribbons for the ribbon writers. This ensures efficiency at the meet.

Runner (2pts): Take event sheets from the recorder and disqualification slips from the Stroke and Turn Judges and carry them to the scorer’s table. You will be walking on deck so wear comfortable shoes that can get wet. This job only takes place during the main events of each heat. Great poolside view to cheer on your kids! This position is split into 2 shifts.

Sea Dragon of the Week (12pts): Place Sea Dragon of the Week signs in swimmers yards and print their certificate. Signs are switched out weekly and certificates are placed in mail boxes. This is a great “behind the scenes job”. This job is done each Sunday evening and takes approx 4 hours.

Scorer (4pts): Keep a running total of points earned by each team. Follow TSA Rules and Regulations which will be printed out on the clipboard for your reference. This is usually job in the shade and allows for flexibility to get up and see your kids swim. It is a full meet position.

Set up/Breakdown Coordinator (2pts): Setup coordinator meets the set up crew at the meet starting at 3:30pm (home only) to ensure the set up is done correctly and efficiently. Breakdown coordinator does the same at meet end. They will have a quick “training” session so they are informed on where the supplies are and how the set up is to be done. See Home meet set up details,Breakdown for home meet, Equipment finder list and Pool deck diagrams for additional information. Must work all 3 home meets

Set up (2pts): Responsible for setting up the pool deck to make it ready to run the meet. Work with the Setup coordinator (Home meet set up details and away meet set up details, for home meets please also see Equipment finder list and Pool deck diagrams) This position requires you to arrive at 3:45pm for home meets and 4pm for away meets.

Starter (4pts): Start each event with an appropriate starting device and calls false start if needed. This person needs to have swim team experience and training. They must be able to remain calm and organized. This is an entire meet job and requires training.

Tech Team (4pts): This job requires training at the beginning of the season. Each member of this team will be required to work 3 full meets, including set up and tear down. This team works with the VP-Meets board member to keep our timing system running smoothly.

Timer (2pts): Each timer will be assigned a lane and given a stopwatch. Each timer is responsible for timing the swimmer in his or her assigned lane. The timer needs to verify the swimmer’s name/number and record their time on the heat sheet. Usually the swimmer in your lane is a Cary Park swimmer. Be aware that at times, you may have a swimmer from the other team in your lane. Their time needs to be recorded on a separate sheet provided by our meet director or the other team. This job is split into two sessions.

TSA Rep (12 pts): A volunteer from our team that is a Tar Heel Swim Association representative. This person serves as an overseer at each meet to ensure all rules and regulations are followed and the meet flows as smoothly as possible. You are required to represent our team at a meetings during the off season (usually one in October, January, February, March, April, and May) and work each meet from start to finish. Swim team knowledge is necessary.

Volunteer Coordinator (1.5pts): This job means that you arrive 15 minutes prior to the swimmers arrival to the meets to check in the volunteers for their shifts. You also coordinate the change of volunteers at the middle of the meet and compile all the meet supplies from volunteers at the end of the meet. All volunteers must sign in to get points! Keeping track of this is critical. The timer sheets must go to a board member and supply boxes to the transporter for delivery back to the clubhouse. This job will be listed as first and second shift, so you can choose to do one or both. You need to be organized and in touch with the volunteer board members in case we have jobs not filled or questions about a volunteer role. You will hand out the lanyards and appropriate clipboards and writing utensils.

Water Distributor (2pts): Ensure all volunteer and kids are staying hydrated during the meet. Refill cups and water coolers as needed needed. Especially check with the volunteers poolside like the timers, judges, tech people, and starter. This is an entire meet job, home meets only.

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