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Swim Coach Application Information - 2023


CPSD Swim Team is currently accepting applications for Assistant and Junior Coach positions.

Assistant Coach Applications:

  • Application: Cover letter, 2-3 references with contact info, Lifeguard/CPR/First Aid certification documentation or planned completion date, Red Cross Safety Training for Swim Coaches Certification (online course) documentation
  • Submission: caryparkswimteam@gmail.com
  • Deadline: EXTENDED to February 20, 2023

Junior Coach Applications:

  • Application: Description of swimming/coaching experience, description of why you want to Junior Coach and what you enjoy about CPSD swim team
  • Submission: caryparkswimteam@gmail.com
  • Deadline: April 15, 2023

CPSD Assistant Coach Job Description

The Assistant Coach job is to work alongside the Head Coach, Junior Coaches and Cary Park Sea Dragon Board of Directors to ensure a safe, fun, and successful summer swim season.  The season begins May 15th and continues through the end of season banquet on July 25th.

  1. Take instruction from the Head Coach as to your responsibilities before each practice.
  2. Emphasize water safety on deck and in the pool and closely monitor the pool as acting lifeguards while coaching.
  3. At the start of practice, line up the swimmers in lanes according to ability. The next age group should be on deck at the end of the lanes when the prior age group is finished.
  4. Assist the Head Coach during practice by teaching stroke technique, starts, turns, and finishes in the water. Be an active participant in practice to ensure swimmer safety and technique development.
  5. Provide instruction to the Junior Coaches
  6. If the Assistant Coaches are members of the swim team, they may opt to participate in their daily practice group, or if swimming in a year-round program, may choose to swim with their year-round program.
  7. On Wednesday or Thursday after a meet, the head coach, assistant coach or a junior coach needs to work in the water with the swimmers who were disqualified in the Tuesday meet. Those swimmers need to understand the reason for their disqualification.
  8. Serve as a positive role model in all aspects of swimming (on and off duty).
  9. Before the season you must coordinate with the Head Coach which practices you will work alternating with the other Assistant Coach There are four (4) weeks of afternoon practice only while school is in session. There are six (6) weeks of morning and afternoon practices after school is out. There will be 6 swim meets and time trials that will be every Tuesday/Wednesday beginning the first week in June.
  10. You are required to attend the Cary City Meet and TSA meet. These are all day events and your time commitment will be coordinated with your Head Coach.
  11. Attend all meetings coordinated by your Head Coach.

Required Experience and Certifications

Strongly Recommended

  • Experience with Meet Manager or SwimTopia Meet Maestro and electronic meet entries.
  • Participates as a Sea Dragon swimmer, if age-eligible

Send applications for 2023 Assistant Coach Summer Coaching Staff to caryparkswimteam@gmail.com by February 20, 2023.

Required Documentation:

  1. Current Resume
  2. Cover Letter
  3. 2-3 References with contact information
  4. Proof of current Lifeguard/CPR/FirstAid certification or detailed plans for obtaining the certification before the start of the season
  5. Proof of completion of the Red Cross Safety Training for Swim Coaches Certification - Online Course

CPSD Junior Coach Volunteer Positions

The Junior Coach reports voluntarily to the Cary Park Sea Dragons Board of Directors and takes direction from the Head and Assistant Coaches. Junior Coaches must be registered swimmers on the Cary Park Sea Dragons Swim Team.

Key Elements of Position:

  • Cooperates and takes guidance from the Head Coach and Assistant Coaches to implementing a strong instructive/goal-oriented Swimming Program for all swimmers of the Cary Park Sea Dragons Swim Team, ages 4-18
  • Instrumental in helping the Head Coach and Assistant Coaches to provide a safe and individualized swim program.
  • Provide instruction on each of the 4 basic stroke skills necessary for competitive swimming in TSA.
  • Communicate enthusiasm among all the children on the Cary Park Sea Dragons Swim Team and fully support the goals of the competitive program.
  • Show and teach good sportsmanship to all swimmers.
  • Dedication and commitment to be an active Junior Coach.
    averaging 2/5 practices in the first 4 weeks, and 4/9 practices once traditional schools break for summer
  • Attends Coaches Meetings as directed.

Required Experience and Certifications

  • Rising 8th graders and older along with at least 1 year as a Cary Park Sea Dragon swimmer

Strongly Recommended

Jr. Coach Applicants should email the following to caryparkswimteam@gmail.com by April 15, 2023:

  1. A brief description of your swimming and/or coaching background and experience.
  2. A description of why you want to be a Jr. Coach this summer and why you enjoy swimming with CPSD



  • TSA offers Coach Clinics which are very beneficial. Please see also the TSA Clinics under Volunteers.
  • 2023 TSA Coaching Clinics- TBD



  • Foundations of Coaching Series for those interested in becoming certified USS coaches or for those who just want more in-depth coaching training in swimming safety, running a practice, and swimming technique and training.
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