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Volunteer Policy & Expectations

The Cary Park Sea Dragons Swim Team is a volunteer non-profit organization. With the exception of paid head and assistant coaches, the team meets and events are run solely by the volunteer participation of swim parents.

Thank you for your support and participation in the Sea Dragons Swim Team!

Parent Volunteer Service Participation Policy*

  • Each registered family is obligated to complete 12 Volunteer Service points over the summer swim season.
  • Each family electronically signs an agreement to complete 12 Volunteer Service points at the time of CPSD team registration.
  • Each family must earn 12 points, regardless of whether swimmers participate in swim meets or not.
  • Volunteer points do not carry over from previous years or carry forward to future years.
  • Volunteer Service Points are monitored to assure a successful season. Swimmers' season awards will be withheld until the commitment is resolved with the VP of Volunteers.
  • Failure to fulfill the Volunteer Service Point obligation will result in the removal of the entire family from the Cary Park Sea Dragons (which includes the ability to practice, or participate in swim meets, social events, or any other Sea Dragon activities) and jeopardize the following year's eligibility to return to the swim team. No refunds will be given for the dismissal.
  • There are three exemptions to the 12 Volunteer Service point commitment:
  1. If the family ONLY has a Mini Sea Dragon swimmer(s)
  2. If the family ONLY has a 15+ Sea Dragon swimmer(s)
  3. If the family has a member on the Board of Directors

*Changes can be made at any time to this policy, as needed.

For questions, please email the VP of Volunteers at [email protected].

Parent Volunteer Expectations

  • Volunteer Service Points are earned once you have completed the job itself. Volunteer Points are not earned simply by signing up.
  • If a parent cannot complete a volunteer shift, it is the responsibility of that parent to find a replacement and email the VP of Volunteers with the replacement name.
  • Volunteers must check in prior to the meet.
  • Check-in must be completed by 5:30 pm for weeknight meets unless communicated directly with VP of Volunteers. A partner or neighbor may sign in and/or fill in until the parent arrives.
  • If the parent does not sign in on time, the volunteer shift may be given to the next parent on the waitlist. If this happens, the volunteer position is forfeited and no volunteer points are earned. The BOD is not able to call or text parents to check to see if they are coming to fulfill their volunteer position.
  • Volunteers cannot bring small children and watch them during their shift.
  • Volunteers must remain at their post the entire shift. If the position is a second shift or end-of-meet breakdown shift, please plan accordingly to stay for the duration of the meet.
  • There is absolutely no alcohol consumption allowed at swim meets or associated events. This is a Tar Heel Swim Association (TSA) rule. If a parent is found to have consumed alcohol, the parent will be asked to leave immediately and will not receive volunteer points for that meet/event.
  • If a parent has special needs, please email the VP of Volunteers for assistance with appropriate volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer Job Descriptions

  • The volunteer job listing explains job expectations, assigned point values per volunteer shift, and any additional training needed for the role. Volunteer opportunities include jobs at meets and social activities.
  • Please review the volunteer job list: CLICK HERE.
  • When volunteer sign-ups open, parents select volunteer jobs.
  • Pro-tip: Volunteer shifts fill quickly when sign-ups open. Be prepared with job preferences and available dates when sign-ups open.

Volunteer Jobs Requiring Additional Training

  • Please review the volunteer job list for complete information: CLICK HERE.
  • Stroke and Turn Judge - TSA Certification Required pre-season
  • Starter - TSA Certification Required pre-season
    • Pre-season TSA training clinics will be announced through team communications.
  • Meet Tech Team
    • Pre-season training with VP of Meets Board Member
  • Clerk of Course, Set-up, Breakdown, Scorer, Announcer, and Place Judges
    • Specialized knowledge gained through time trials and training
    • Prior swim meet knowledge is helpful for these positions
  • If interested in one of these positions requiring additional training, please email the VP of Volunteers at [email protected].

How to View Volunteer Job Sign-ups in Swimtopia Account:

  • To view which jobs you have signed up for and how many points you have earned:
    • Log in with your password to the team website.
    • In the top right corner, hover over “Welcome Name” and select My Account from the drop-down.
    • Under My Account, you can view family members, contact info, and volunteer jobs signed up for, and points earned.
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