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    Greetings Cary Park Sea Dragon (CPSD) Families!

    Congratulations to all the Sea Dragon swimmers and coaches for an amazing swim season!

    Thank you for joining us on Tuesday to celebrate our swimmers’ and coaches' hard work! Please see below the summary of swimmers recognized at Tuesday’s End-of-Season Awards Ceremony.

    If you need to pick up your family envelope or an award, please email [email protected] to arrange a pick-up time later in August.

    Many thanks to our Sea Dragon parents, without your volunteer efforts, our team could not be successful!

    If you are interested in learning more about joining the Board of Directors or becoming a TSA Representative, please email [email protected].

    • Our two team TSA Reps provide oversight at meets to ensure all meet rules are followed and meets run smoothly, and also attend off-season TSA meetings.
    • Our BOD will resume monthly off-season meetings in October, so please don’t hesitate if you are interested in joining!

    We have an energetic and fun group of parents that would love to show you the ropes of our volunteer leadership roles. Many hands make light work - your help makes summer swimming possible for our kids!

    Please be on the lookout for a parent survey at the end of August - your feedback will make next season even better!

    2023 Cary Park Sea Dragons Awards

    2023 Awards Ceremony Program: Click Here 

    2023 CPSD Slide Show: Click Here 

    CPSD Final Team Standings:

    2nd Place - Southern League Division 1

    4th Place - Tarheel Swimming Association Championships

    5th Place - Cary City Invitational Meet

    Top 3 High Point Winners for Team:

    Top three swimmers that scored the highest number of points in the 6 dual meets.

    1. Elle VanderWall
    2. Evan Zhang
    3. Marissa Locklear

    Most Valuable Player/Swimmer by Age Group:

    Swimmers that scored the greatest number of points in the 6 dual meets (excluding above high point winners).

    6&Under:    Lila Martin              Alex Mancini

    7&8:            Quinn Germond     Rishaan Gupta

    9&10:          Adeline Crawford   Ethan Yuan

    11&12:        Trisha Bhatnagar    Benny Palamar

    13&14:        Lily Hillenbach        Nathaniel Ye

    15-18:         Katelyn Hillenbach  Devin Locklear

    Most Improved Swimmer by Age Group:

    Minis:          Ella Jessee             Ty Shorter

    6&Under:    Victoria Bendz        Maddox McLeod

    7&8:            Morgan Piper          Ethan Zhou

    9&10:          Jamila Raffi             Mason Shi

    11&12:         Anushka Giri           Ravi Long

    13&14:         Andrea Stouder      Silas Abraham

    15-18:         Haeley Hobbs          Ryan McGrath

    Dragon’s Fire Coaches Award by Age Group:

    Coach's choice for a swimmer who embodies the Sea Dragon spirit.

    Minis:           Edie Wolf                Daniel Compton

    6&Under:     June Kalberkamp    Asher Sadik

    7&8:             Josie White             Nolan Bliss

    9&10:            Leila Abraham        Evan VanderWall

    11&12:          Noura Tawfik           Lane Reynolds

    13&14:          Fiona Johnson        Max Kranz

    15-18:            Naisha Saxena       Carter Ferranti

    Sea Dragon of the Year Award:

                           Lily Hillenbach

    Iron Dragon and 501 Pharmacy Senior Scholarship Recipients:

    Iron Dragon Awardees swam all 4 years of high school.

    Makena Kovac

    Jonathan Moore

    5-Year Anniversary Recognition:

    Laura Bendz              Eliana Hoimes

    Avery Bolac               Mira Long

    Elise Bolac                Caroline Romes

    Rishi Chaudhuri        Caroline Spruell

    Veer Chowdhary       Andrea Stouder

    Cole Dorion               Kasen Su

    Anushka Giri             Elle VanderWall

    Andreas Hoimes       Evan VanderWall

    10-Year Anniversary Recognition:

    Christopher Bondo      Libby Moore

    Sean Erickson             Pranav Nemani

    Reagan Kovac            Giovanni Sari

    Jane Moore        

    Coaches Recognition:

    Head Coach: Olivia Honaker

    Assistant Coaches:

    Sydney Asermely, Christopher Bondo, Katelyn Hillenbach,

    Arjun Kumar, Pranav Nemani

    Junior Coaches:

    Radha Acharya, Riya Bhatnagar, Ayan Chowdhary, Soren Cornwell, Lilly Hillenbach, Andreas Hoimes, Kavya Iyer, Jake Kuhlman, Kate Kranz, Max Kranz, Marissa Locklear, Pradyun Nemani, Jonny Palamar, Naisha Saxena, Andrea Stouder,   Ali Vaccaro, Elle VanderWall, Hannah Welborn,  Brett Wilson, Andrew Yu

    Top 8 Sea Dragon Finishes at Cary City Invitational Meet:

    Asher Sadik - 6th Place 6&U Boys

    Alex Mancini - 7th Place 6&U Boys

    Adeline Crawford - 6th Place 9&10 Girls

    Elle VanderWall - 1st Place 11&12 Girls

    Devin Locklear - 5th Place 15-18 Men

    2023 Cary Park Team Records:

    Girls 13-14 200 yd Medley Relay:   

    R. Bhatnagar, M. Locklear, L. Hillenbach, F. Johnson 1:59.62 7/18/2023

    Girls 13-14 50 yd Breast:   Marissa Locklear 33.65 7/18/2023

    Girls 13-14 200 yd Free Relay:   

    L. Hillenbach, F. Johnson, R. Bhatnagar, M. Locklear 1:49.15  7/23/2023

    Boys 13-14 200 yd Medley Relay:   

    G. Garver, N. Ye, J. Park, J. Palamar 1:48.48  7/18/2023

    Men 15-18 50 yd Free:   Matthew Honaker 21.76  7/18/2023

    Boys 13-14 50 yd Breast:   Nathaniel Ye 29.40  7/23/2023

    Men 15-18 50 yd Fly:   Matthew Honaker 23.80 7/18/2023

    Men 15-18 200 yd Free Relay:  

    J. Park, E. Garver, D. Locklear, M. Honaker 1:32.74  6/20/2023

    2023 Cary Park Pool Records (CPSD Swimmers only):

    Girls 13-14 50 yd Breast:   Marissa Locklear 33.65  7/18/2023

    Boys 13-14 200 yd Medley Relay:   

    G. Garver, N. Ye, J. Park, J. Palamar 1:48.48  7/18/2023

    Boys 13-14 50 yd Free:   Nathaniel Ye 23.51  6/13/2023

    Boys 13-14 50 yd Back:   Johnny Palamar 27.32  6/13/2023

    Men 15-18 50 yd Fly:   Matthew Honaker 23.80 7/18/2023

    For a complete list of all Team and Pool Records: Click here

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